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Welcome to Rift Zone Technologies, LLC
We are a small group of engineering professionals with over 50 years experience developing industry-leading embedded and wireless products. These individuals have held leadership roles in system archtecture and staff-level engineering for devices such as the Motorola StarTAC cellular phone and the Philips Velo personal digital assistant.

"Embedded System Specialists."

Our Approach

Phase 1 - Specify key System Requirements in collaboration with the client. These include input from usage models and scenarios. Schedule, NRE costs, product cost, power consumption, physcial dimensions, and other criteria are inputs to this process.

Phase 2 - Develop an Architectural Specification and Project Plan. These documents guide the remainder of the development process, and identify all contractual deliverables.

Phase 3 - Execute to the Project Plan while providing status relative to the level of completion. We provide engineering expertise and project management which will deliver a finished design and working prototypes using standard Design-For-Manufacturability processes which can then be mass-produced.

Project Showcase

Client: Eclipse Aviation, Inc.
Completed: December 2002
Location: Albuquerque, NM

We provided embedded system expertise to recover a development schedule that was lacking resources. We aided the clients vendor in developing prototypes for first flight test, and initiated the next generation development program by gathering requirements, developing design documents, and software coding within the guidelines of DO-178B.

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