Modified: Monday, February 23, 2004

Who We Are

We are known for customer-driven designs using industry standard development processes that focus on delivering results "on time." The team consists of a few key members with broad experience, a history of working well together and successfully shipping products.

The most recent job responsibilities performed for both PDA and wireless technologies include:

  • Determination of architectural tradeoffs for new products. This included features, size, weight, power consumption, cost of goods (COGS) and hardware/software partitioning analyses.
  • Development of a detailed schedule, resource allocation, prototype planning and purchase. As development progressed, this required tracking, reporting and management of resources and project status.
  • Direct technical software and hardware design tasks. This involved a “hands on” approach to solving technical problems, identifying correct priorities, and obtaining support from outside sources.
  • Implement Windows CE hardware adaptation layer, power management and drivers for technologies such as LCD display, touch screen, CompactFlash, USB, SmartCard, Ethernet, and other peripherals. Several platforms were under development at various times to target PDAs, webphones, web tablets, palmtops, and cellular phones.
  • Implement embedded software products designing and using proprietary real-time operating systems and protocol stacks in wireless LANs, networking cards, PDAs, and cellular phones.
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The team has created a total of 14 patents in the areas of:

  • Cellular telephony scanning and call processing improvements
  • Multiplexed serial communication bus using two different protocols
  • Transmission of encoded data over frequency-hopped wireless LANs
  • Address assignment and synchronization for wireless LANs
  • Improved encryption mechanisms and throughput for Wireless LANs
  • Channel encoding for digital magnetic recording

The Details

Processors: XScale, StrongARM, ARM720, PIC, MIPS, PowerPC, 68HCXX, 68K, 8051, Atmel AVR

Companion chips: M-Systems DiskOnChip MD2811, Epson S1D13806, MediaQ MQ1132, Philips ISP1161, SMSC 91C100FD, LinkUp L1110, Cirrus Crystal 8900, Philips UCB1200, Intel 21152, ChipCon CC2420 (Zigbee)

Languages: Assembly Language for all above processors, C, Verilog, PHP, MySQL

Operating Systems: Windows CE, Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, MacOS, Palm OS, Various Proprietary OS

Development environments and tools: Platform Builder, Visual Studio, GNU Tools, Metrowerks Codewarrior, Zend Studio, WinAVR

Various Hewlett Packard and Tektronix analyzers and test equipment

Dick - Resume
Founder/System Software Architect

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Starting out as a mainframe developer, Dick has tackled software and firmware that ranges from low-level assembly code to C++ for projects such as networking products, computer applications, wireless LANs, and device drivers for a wide variety of peripherals. He also has extensive hardware expertise as a system integrator.

Jeff - Resume
Founder/System Software Architect

An early developer of cellular products, Jeff has worked on various embedded systems in wireless and personal communications. His contributions have ranged from being the software system architect to management of entire engineering teams.

Milton - Resume
Founder/System Software Architect

Milton began as a research scientist working on signal processing and network applications, and quickly moved into chipset archtecture and design. He is a very hands-on technical contributor and has held both senior management and senior technical positions in several companies.